Medical Information Design

Mapping Complex Information. Theory and Practice

xxxxx Left: Exhibition welcome poster / Right images: Astrological Scroll.

A few weeks ago, I visited the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City to check Bodies in Balance. The exhibition presents an information design journey through “the origins, history and practice” of Tibetan medicine. Tibetan science principles of healing are visually represented in “paintings, manuscripts, and medical instruments.”

The journey begins with a questionnaire for visitors based on the foundation of Tibetan medicine: the three forces or energies (Nyes-pa-gsum) composing the human body. When Wind (Loong), Bile (mKhris-pa) and Phlegm (Bad -Kan) energy systems are in balance, the body is in good health, and when one of those systems is low in energy, we are sick. The questionnaire helps visitors determine whether their bodies are in balance.

The exhibition is built on those three energies too. To explore the exhibition, visitors can choose their own route or follow one…

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