‘Ubooly’ Un juguete interactivo en el iphone

Meet ‘Ubooly’, a furry and cuddly plush toy designed to be an interactive educational tool for kids. 

Created by husband and wife team Carly Glodge and Isaac Squires, along with co-founder Gavin Lee, Ubooly features a pouch for you to slip your iPhone or iPad into it. 

It possesses a voice recognition app that enables it to understand kids and respond back to them, as the team says, “it’s like Siri—but cuter”. 

Ubooly also has memory, which means it can be nostalgic about past playtimes. 

“The toy evolves from what they initially buy at the store,” Gloge says. “If a kid is not engaging with the toy, it will adjust its content.” 

To enhance its use, parents can download learning software like teaching Maths or a new language app into their device. A weekly report card sent to parents’ email accounts would also show how their child is doing academically. 

The team has carried out beta tests on children, and its Kickstarter page has exceeded its goal of US$25,000. 

Ubooly retails at US$50 including the app, and is expected to hit stores in October 2012. Pre-orders will be shipped in July. 






[via Mashable

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