Cuando los chacras de tus proyectos están bloqueqados

Interesante artículo de el blog de Project Shrink. 

Are you good at your job, but it just isn’t showing lately? Do you have a project that doesn’t seem to end? Do you have a feeling you are running in circles? Everything seems to be repeating itself?

You know you can do this, but somehow you are stuck.

You might be sucked into a pattern. A pattern is behavior of you, your team or organization that repeats itself. “If pressure is put onto us, we respond in a certain way.” “If we have to do a project, we always follow this method.”

Patterns are mostly automatic. We are not always aware we repeat behavior.

Patterns are not always good. Some behavior is counter productive: antipatterns. When circumstances change, patterns can turn into antipatterns. Things just grow out of synch. People enter a pattern and get stuck in the pattern. They end up on a road some how and just keep on following the same road.

This is the source of project problems.

The trick is to recognize you are sucked into a pattern. It’s repeating behavior. Many times others have to point this out to us. It’s like that saying: fish discover water last.

Patterns can be revealed by exploring the conversationsculture and structure surrounding the project, the organization and the people involved.

Luckily there are some areas where patterns pop up in the context of projects. We can focus our attention to a couple of focal points: the project chakras.

There are two types of project chakras:


  • with self
  • with team
  • with project
  • with organization
  • with individual stakeholders.


  • surrounding the goal
  • surrounding the approach
  • surrounding the expectations
  • surrounding the transitions
  • surrounding the boundaries.

Examples And Techniques.

Patterns can be revealed and altered by means of metaphorsvisualizationusing different types of models and perspectiveslanguage usedcultural cues and narratives.

Think about The Travel Guide To [your organization] exercise. In this exercise you explore the relationship of an individual with the host organization.

An example of how to explore issues around an approach for a project (a method) can be found in: Mapping Projectistan: United Agilists. PMBoktoe. And Shrinkonia.

Bas de Baar is making complex people stuff less complex. Yes. A Project Shrink. – When Your Project Chakras Are Blocked. is a post from: Project Shrink.


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