40 ejemplos de Diseño de Interfaces

40 Detailed Examples of User Interface Design

Un catalogo completo de interfaces gráficas

 When designing an application, millions of question arise. How should it look? How easy is the interface to understand? What should the colors and borders look like? The list goes on and on. Before you get brain overload, you need to take these steps on by one. To answer these questions you first need to sit down with a pen and paper. Being away from the computer will help you picture an innovative design inside your head. Draw down these ideas and keep them. Who knows, maybe they will become handy later.

Of course before starting on the project you need some helpful inspiration, this is where we come in! The reason of this collection is to inspire user interface designers . We want the designer to take their application to another level and make it look pixel perfect. We know its not a walk in the park, but with these examples below you mind should be headed the right way!

Note: These beautiful shots are from the talented designers on Dribbble.





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Written by Igor Ovsyannykov on Jan 27, 2011



On the subject of brand Narrative

Una presentación muy interesante sobre lo que es la narrativa desde la vision de marca
es un video de Laurence Vincent de Siegel+Gale 

On the Subject of Brand Narrative

View more webinars from Laurence Vincent.

Aventones: Una muy buena iniciativa

Hola a todos, el otro día me llegó una liga de algo que considero una iniciativa muy buena, sobretodo por el problema de tráfico que sufrimos en esta Ciudad de México. Se las pongo de ejemplo a mis alumnos de Licenciatura en Diseño interal de la UAM Cuajimalpa porque se me hace una silución basada en las necesidades del usuario y en un contexto muy específico de esta ciudad, échenle un ojo al video de explicación que está en la página principal.

No dejen de visitarlo!

Local Legends un proyecto colaborativo de narrativas

NPR has teamed up with Pictory magazine to learn more about your local legends.

Tap into the history of your neighborhood and share a captioned image about what makes it special. What are the secrets that you have to live there to know? Maybe your local legend is related to a person (your neighborhood hero?) or maybe it’s a story as old as the neighborhood itself. Submit your photo on Pictory’s site.

The theme will be open for submissions through May — so you have time. Here are just a few examples of what we’ve seen so far. Questions? E-mail us! Comments? Comment us.

The protector of the western end of Nantucket Island, "Madaket Mille" watched for  shipwrecks, cared for her animals, sold ice cream, and was a gruff feature of  the Nantucket landscape until her death in 1990.

Georgen Charnes /Photo by Beverly Hall


Mildred Jewett, “Madaket Millie”: The protector of the western end of Nantucket Island, Madaket Mille watched for shipwrecks, cared for her animals, sold ice cream and was a gruff feature of the Nantucket landscape until her death in 1990.

There are many stories about Madaket Millie. She killed a 300-pound shark in Hither Creek; was a good friend of Mr. Fred Rogers; and was awarded by the U.S. Coast Guard its highest civilian rank, chief warrant officer W-4.


Keri Kilgore


Life Cycle: I visit the Round Rock cemetery occasionally, to walk quietly between the stones and take in the history. It is probably best known for being the final resting place of the infamous bank robber Sam Bass and members of his gang. One day I came upon this marker and was instantly caught up in the emotion and mystery of the story it tells.

It is a double grave stone of a young mother, not quite 24 years old, who apparently died in childbirth, leaving her infant son motherless. Beside her rests her baby, who did not make it to his four-month birthday.

German street light

Rommy Ghaly


Ampelmannchen: It’s hard to believe that such a charming man once represented something so sinister in communist East Berlin, even though in 2010 he would greet me so cheerfully at every intersection. Ampelmann, as he was known, almost didn’t survive the fall of the Berlin Wall.

After the reunification of Germany, many changes were made to eradicate the imprint of 40 years of communism. In 1990, the West began to replace all pedestrian crossing lights with the standard symbols we know today. This led to a 1995 solidarity campaign to protect this very original symbol of East German culture.


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